3 Weeks Left For Wrestlemania Build: Keep It Simple WWE


A rare hat tip to Mike Johnson of Pro Wrestling Insider who was interviewed on “Between the Ropes” this weekend. From all of the Dave Meltzer (of Wrestlng Observer fame)-style of giving out little information to any other podcast (in hopes of goading a handful of listeners to subscribe to their website….can’t knock them for that.), he actually gave one sound point that tells me exactly what WWE should do to complete their buildup for Wrestlemania 31 with a few weeks left.

Johnson mentioned how they are too many wrestlers integral to storylines have been absent from Raw every week leading up.  Besides the one angle that is all set and locked in for Wrestlemania (the Undertaker’s eventual return to take on Bray Wyatt).


First, when it comes to building up Roman Reigns to be strong and credible enough for fans to cheer him on in the Wrestlemania main event, Brock Lesnar did not help matters by bailing out on RAW 2 weeks ago. Paul Heyman can only help the storyline progess so far, but the fact of the matter is Reigns and Lesnar have been face to face only once since the Royal Rumble.

Second, Triple H is talking to former WCW wrestlers that know Sting, instead of the icon himself. Third, what was really been accomplished throwing a curveball into the John Cena and Rusev angle. Axelmania is funny and all, but its being placed into the wrong angle. Finaly, can we finally stop with Randy Orton and the whole “playing nice with the Authority” angle and let him challenge Seth Rollins to a match already.

It’s time to see some fist throwing, pull aparts, and one-on-one confrontations. WWE just needs to stir-up these main event feuds to a boiling point by unleashing each wrestler  to attempt to tear their opponent apart limb from limb. No more creative for Vince’s sake, just keep it simple and show how bad everyone is ready to fight.

P.S. Throw Daniel Bryan a bone and book him in a viable match already (please, no Sheamus!) -KOP