3 Better “U”s to Describe NXT Takeover: Unstoppable

Undeniablesasha lynch

I said on the Wrestling Is Real Podcast last Tuesday that I felt like the Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch match for the NXT Womens Championship on paper could have been booked as the main event. This match validated my point. Great selling, hard-hitting and brutalizing are three ways I could describe this match. Sasha and Becky did an incredible job of making me feel emotionally invested in this match. The buildup made me totally care about both competitors. The match could have even been longer and it still would not have lost the intensity and excitement that this feud has had. With Charlotte, Bayley and Emma in this womens division, there is no weak link. Dana Brooke has a real uphill climb if she hopes to hang in NXT’s exclusive group of elite womens wrestlers.


Finn Balor no longer needs to be in NXT. Aside from his size, he is ready to move up to the main roster. Although he could benefit from a nice long chase for the NXT Championship against Kevin Owens, he has nothing left to prove. Its sink or swim time for Finn Balor on RAW and he must rely on the facepaint to accompany his epic entrance in order for him to succeed.

Unnecessaryjoe owens

Samoa Joe’s debut in NXT never needed to happen. Joe has nothing to prove to anyone in my opinion but, given the contract he has reportedly signed, it looks like his time in NXT does not include a rise to the WWE main roster which is the part of unnecessary I’m talking about. Joe vs. Owens is a dream match no doubt, but I think Kevin Owens’ appearance on RAW last Monday and his pending non-title match with John Cena at Elimination Chamber next week tells me Owens is going to be permanently called up to the main roster.

Have any other “U” s you could use to describe NXT Takeover = Unstoppable?  Use your keyboard and share it.-KOP