Day: September 13, 2018

WWE Cashes with Veterans & Divas for Cash Grab; Neglects #HellInaCell

WWE Cashes with Veterans & Divas for Cash Grab all the while neglecting this weekend’s #HellInaCell.


KOP explains the situation and how he explained it on Twitter by saying:

Wrestling fans are being made to suffer with flat episodes of #RAW all because of a couple of cash grabs.
#SSD in Australia

Another Saudi Arabia house show in November
and a mea culpa for Saudi show to the Women’s Division with @WWE #Evolution

Two long segments and two long packages about a match that isn’t happening this weekend, talking about a wrestler that is not even there tonight. #RAW (Hint: I’m talking about Undertaker) Does anyone know that #HellInACell is this Sunday and this is the go-home show?

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