Day: February 21, 2015

WWE Cost-Cutting, Creative Micro-Managing Makes For Flat FastLane

WWE Fastlane looks to be a two-match PPV with Reigns/Bryan and Cena/Rusev. The way the matches line up does not make fans excited for Wrestlemania. Let me explain how my headline holds water.


I’m sure we have all exhausted our opinions on how we think the Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan match should pan out, but the cost-cutting of the WWE in terms of limiting the amount of appearances Brock Lesnar can make takes away a lot from a great story to this match.


Yes, we did get two appearances from Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar on RAW leading up to this match, but you would think creative should have still kept some focus on Lesnar to help get some of the heat off of Reigns the same way they are trying to get heat on Daniel Bryan.


The same thing could be said about Seth Rollins, where yet another layer of storyline could have been brought in by simply letting Seth brag and goad Lesnar, Reigns and Bryan about possibly cashing his Money in the Bank briefcase, keeping his main event spot relevant.

Finally, nothing about this year’s Road to Wrestlemania feels special. No Occupy Yes Movement, No compelling produced video packages or interviews. Well, they still do have 5 weeks left. -KOP

Roman Reigns is Hitting His Stride… But He Still Isn’t Ready to Main Event Wrestlemania

Roman Reigns

I know me & my partner, Jorge, have discussed this topic to no end over the past few weeks. I sometimes feel like a broken record saying the same things over & over again & I’m sure Jorge feels the same. But this topic is one of the more serious topics in WWE today because it doesn’t only affect Wrestlemania, it affects the entire landscape of WWE going forward. Roman Reigns is being positioned as the next face of the WWE, a spot currently held by John Cena. So if Reigns is the next golden boy, it makes sense why people are worried about this whole situation considering how people feel about Cena right now.



WWE has done a good job at rectifying the terrible booking they’ve done with Roman Reigns going into the Royal Rumble. They’ve ditched the nursery rhymes & made Reigns into the badass he should have been when he returned. I like it. I’ve always been a fan of Reigns since he broke away from The Shield last year. Since the Rumble, Reigns has been booked as the silent strong type which is the role he was destined to play. It was the alternative to John Cena that people wanted & now we’re getting it & the main event for Fast Lane is looking to be a good one. The only problem is that, despite WWE making the necessary changes to get Reigns back over, he’s still not ready to main event Wrestlemania with Brock Lesnar.



It’s a common phrase in wrestling that the title shouldn’t make the man, the man should make the title. In the past, WWE has tried to do the former & hot shot people to the title who just weren’t ready for it. Guys like Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, & The Miz all were some of the worst champions of all time. But it wasn’t necessarily their fault. They were doomed to fail because they were put in a position that they just weren’t ready for. Reigns is facing the same issue right now. WWE want’s to hot shot Reigns to the top & want to use Brock Lesnar to do so. They know Reigns is going to get booed out the stadium at Wrestlemania but they insist on Reigns being the guy to beat the 1 who beat the 1 in 21 – 1. You don’t want to ruin that moment because you’re dead set on having this guy be your next star.



The best analogy I can come up with is a weird one but it makes sense. Making a top star is like cooking dinner. When you’re making dinner, you often plan everything out ahead of time. Get the recipe, write down the ingredients, & set up a time schedule so you know how long it’s going to take. You go ahead and & start cooking everything & making sure everything is blending right. If everything goes right, then you got yourself a nice dinner. But in Roman Reigns’ case, WWE decided to mess with the recipe & try to add a seasoning from a different recipe that didn’t mix well & ruined the dish. Instead of starting over or making something else for the night (Something you know is easy to make & will taste good), WWE decided to try & fix the messed up dinner & serve it anyway, under cooked because they were adamant about having that for dinner. You have to cook the dish the right way before you serve it because he’s going to taste bad & ruin people’s appetite.


– Jeremy G.